Hello Dear Family and Friends

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Sharing the good news!

Things have turned out for us to go ahead and publish 100 copies of our CD after all due to a good sale we were made aware of and due to some good connections that God has given us through our friend Darryl.  We were connected to a graphics artist (Chris, a Regent student) and Ryan (a recording artist who helped us with edits in Ed's absence). Thanks to both these guys and Darryl who helped us to make this possible.

This is the pdf copy of the cover of our soon to be released CD!  Some of you will find yourselves on the photo page. I hope you will be honored to be included but If anyone has any objection at all, please let me know immediately. I sure hope not because it goes to print today and it would hold up the publishing.  We are trying to have CDs in hand for sale at our upcoming festival, Nov 9 and 10.  If by chance, you are okay with your photo in there this time, we may be able to alter it for the next order of the CDs. But please let me know.

For the photos page, sorry if I missed some of you, it was done quite quickly late last night when we realized we had one more CD cover panel to complete.  I really wanted to send a photo of the Hummingbird Council but we have no recent photos (something we will have to do).

Anyway, hope you like it.  And I'm so glad to share this good news with you!

The CDs are $20 each - this helps us with our festival and other expenses.  If you want me to reserve 1 or more CDs for you to pick up at the Festival, please let me know.  Or if you would like to order one to be sent in the mail, let me know.  

The CD includes stories of the First Nations experience in Canada, accompanied by the beautiful music of a gold flute playing Many and Great and Amazing Grace.  

There are 12 songs in a variety of music genres such as blues, classical, country & western and drum songs. There are 6 First Nations singers; one Chinese friend who sings Cheryl Bear's melody of the Lord's Prayer (with her permission) in Mandarin; and 6 non-First Nations singers  who donated their songs and their time and energy to us over the past two years at music Circles where we shared our lives together as well as our music.  Most of the Hummingbird Wings artists are also musicians and composers - some are accomplishments musicians with careers in music - Tim Corlis is the maestro for the Vancouver Peace Choir and professor of Music at the Canadian Mennonite University, Marcia Meyer has her own website and teaches music in N. Van, Rennie Nahanee has his own band and the founder and director of Rennie's School of Music in the Squamish in N. BC.

A Metis friend played the fiddle for some of the songs and another good friend accompanied some of the songs with bass and lead guitar.

If anyone is looking for an awesome CD graphics artist I know one.  If anyone is looking for recording artists, I know two of them.

in Kindness and Peace,

Mary Fontaine

Executive Director

Hummingbird Ministries







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